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Early Morning Commute

My alarm is set for 4:45 a.m.  This way I have time to work out, shower, and eat breakfast and make it to work on time after a 40 minute commute.  It's usually dark when I wake up but now it's the special time of year where I drive to work in the dark.   I… Continue reading Early Morning Commute

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Suddenly Unsealed

     I haven’t ever known a blood relative.  Although you think I’d be used to it by now, in my early thirties - it’s still surreal to think that there are people out there - siblings, parents that I’ve never met just walking around.  Maybe I have met them, and just didn’t know. They… Continue reading Suddenly Unsealed

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Modern UnLove

   Enter exhibit A. A for Adam - Man.  The story is always the same for me with very few variations.  My relationships are like those adventure books with a choose your own ending - except the ending is always the same. Dating for me are chronicles of choose your own beginning books except they come… Continue reading Modern UnLove