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Youthful Indiscretion

My mother used to be the highschool nurse and when I was in second grade the elementary school was only across the street from the highschool. One day in my mother’s office she took my temperature with an old thermometer full of mercury. I was eight and had no idea what mercury was. I did know, however, that my mother told me very sternly not to bite the thermometer and that made me curious to see what would happen if I did bite it. I’d never been more curious about anything in my entire life. So I did, I bit it, and what’s more I’ve lived to tell the tale. That’s the kind of person figure I am, then. The kind of person who only trusts their own experiences and is curious to experience all things – good and bad. Afterall, there is glory in victory but romance in tragedy – and I, if anything am a romantic at heart.


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