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Short Entry: The Filter Facade.

This is just a small observation. I feel really terrible for people who have to use a snapchat filter for all of their pictures. I can’t imagine how insecure and unhappy one must be to only be able to show their face if it’s been electronically deformed. The thing is, nobody is fooled by these filters anymore. We all have insecurities and the right to choose what to show or not show of our bodies. The problem with the snapchat filter as a way to hide what you really look like is damaging your self esteem even more. Learn to love your body as is and confidence in your own beauty. People are already held to an unattainable standard of beauty, let’s not then perpetuate the problem by photo editing our image and presenting them as our true selves. Let’s instead encourage one another to be genuine, and commend our own beauty. Let’s commend our humanity. Let’s encourage vulnerable beating hearts, and gorgeous natural states. Let’s take the pressure off ourselves and others to be unreal. I hope that by loving myself and revealing my flaws others will be encouraged to love themselves as well.

Natural is best. Be Bold. Be Beautiful. Be You.


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