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Cheater, Cheater – Pumpkin Eater.

“The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies.” – Unknown

Have you ever been betrayed? If you have to think about it, you haven’t. There is nothing worse than finding out you misplaced your trust in someone. Physical infidelity is devastating- there’s no diminishing that. Yet, there’s another form of betrayal that’s just as damaging and traumatic on a psychological level. Emotional betrayal sometimes causes even longer lasting mental trauma because it leaves the receiver of the betrayal doubting their senses and feeling crazy.

SCENARIO 1: Girl meets boy. Girl gets engaged to boy. Girl still has feelings for her high school crush. She invites her old crush to play the piano for her wedding. She tells her husband that he is jealous of her previous crush and that he shouldn’t be – inventing the jealousy. Her crush buys her a personal gift for her wedding present – a book about a married woman who has an affair with an ex. The girl also gets involved in all of her crush’s relationships. They text each other. They call each other. They compliment each other on physical features. They downplay their involvement to others. The girl complains about her husband to her crush. She goes to the crush for emotional support and vice versa.

Now the girl is getting divorced.

Signs of an emotional affair :

– Lying to your significant other.

– Not being able to stop contact with a questionable friendship or connection per your significant other’s request.

– Having to hide messages or call logs

– Sharing more personal details about your life to a crush than your significant other.

– Honoring another man over your husband/woman over your wife.

SCENARIO 2: Boy starts dating girl. Boy is in a play with another girl. The girl 2 shows obvious attachment to boy and vice versa. Boy praises girl 2 over his girlfriend and more frequently than his girlfriend. Girl 2 alienates boys girlfriend. Girl 2 has fangirl behavior towards boy that others notice. Boy and girl 2 have several private conversations. Boy encourages feelings and attention from girl 2. (When Boy and Girl broke up he immediately started dating Girl 2.  Claims she is the love of his life….just like the last girl. And the one before that.)

My feelings on any kind of infidelity is the same. There’s no need. If you are unsatisfied in your current relationship then end it. Cheaters are selfish cowards. They would rather hurt and betray someone who loves and trust them than potentially be alone. Cheating is always something wrong with the cheater – not the person they cheat on. If they do it once – they will do it again.


4 thoughts on “Cheater, Cheater – Pumpkin Eater.”

    1. So in my narrative – according to you – the highschool crush got the girl a personal gift that was a book about a woman who has an affair with an old flame? How is that any less inappropriate? Romantic gestures and the encouragement of romantic gestures between two people – when one is married and the other is not their spouse or SO is CHEATING. ✌🙂


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