Family, LOSS, Religion


About two years ago, my grandmother advanced to the winner’s circle in this game called Life. The following was an experience I had shortly after.

“Today I got my first visit from Jehovah witnesses. They were looking for my grandmother then offered their condolences after learning that she had passed. I thanked them both and then welcomed them in and offered them some tea or coffee. They then began to pull out tracks and magazines. As I sat there, (feeling as if I were being held hostage at my own dining room table), I thought about mentioning some of the discrepancies between scripture and their beliefs and pointing out the flawed logic in their arguments, (I probably should have gone to law school. I really do enjoy being right and being able to show evidentiary proof and sound logic. But there’s a reason they call it devil’s advocate. That’s probably why I can play it so well.) It was all at the tip of my tongue when I could almost hear my grandma say, “Honey works a lot better than vinegar.” I then remembered that one of the things that remained in the barn from her was this giant jug of white vinegar sitting in the pantry. “And that’s where all the ‘vinegar’ should stay.” I could almost hear her say. Coincidently, (or perhaps not so much), I remembered Jonathan Douglas Ward ‘s sermon from last Sunday about building bridges and focusing on what unites us with others rather than what divides us. (See, I don’t just make funny commments and remarks, I listen too) It was one of those, ‘Alright God, I got it!’, moments.

*Sigh, they’ll probably come back. (But maybe not, I was wearing my short shorts, afterall) But if they do I will welcome them in and listen. If asked a question I will answer honestly, but at least out of a place of sincerely seeking truth with other spiritual people instead of trying to show off what I know or being right. Today I have a new saying,

Honey is for the table, keep the vinegar in the pantry.”


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