Today I went out to water my garden when this kitty trotted right up to me and introduced himself. He perched up on his hind legs and put his front paws on my legs and looked up and gave a melodic, “Meow.” We get a few strays around here that wander, so I pat him on the head and continued on my way. He trotted alongside me until I had watered every plant. I put down my watering can, placed my hands on my hips and looked down at his sweet face. He sat right down and again gave another, “Meow.” I walked inside and shut the door. When I came back out with a can of food he was still there, patiently waiting. He began to gulp down the food, and upon occasion would trot over to me to push his head against my hand in gratitude. Then he would go back to his feast and continue to scarf it down. Some neighborhood kids who were playing with my nephew explained that this cat was a stray. A woman at the trailer park had many female cats, and this cat was a boy, so she threw him out. I sat down and the kitty jumped into my lap and began to purr contently. I put him down and asked if he’s like to come inside and he ran in as I opened the door. My cat Oscar had been watching this whole ordeal from his perch on the windowsill. He jumped down from his place and the two cats looked at one another. They circled once, sniffed a bit, then touched noses. That was all I needed. I named him Walt after Walt Whitman – for his gentleness and sweet nature. (Oscar is named after Oscar Wilde.) It’s funny sometimes, how things just work out. Walt saw me before him. When something is right, it just fits.


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