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“Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.”

– Henry Ward Beecher

I think I did it. I realized the key to a life filled with joy. Some of you might say, “well duh”, at this revelation – it took me some time to accept how truly simple it is. I see a therapist because well – I cannot express fully how beneficial it is to have an uninvolved third party (a professional one that you can trust) to listen objectively and help you process as you navigate through day to day. This is just one way I provide self care, and take care of my health. (I highly recommend it to every and anyone. Think of your thoughts as an unlimited feed of string and your emotions an endless feed of yarn. If you are not regularly sorting them they become nothing but a tangled mess and your brain gets jammed up.) At a more recent session I was given an assignment. I had to write on a piece of paper, “I am lucky because” and go through every life event and basically write down the positive around every instant. This was very difficult at times because it did take me back to things that I have worked very hard at forgetting. (But you don’t ever forget things, you repress them. And if you are repressing them, you are not healing from them.)

My point is this. Live in gratitude.If you look back at your life with the perspective that you are a lucky person, and live out each day believing that you are divinely blessed – you look at things and approach life from a place of joy and confidence and not with apprehension and fear. Bad things happen to everyone – and I hate to tell you, but difficult things are an inevitable component in living and consciencessness. But here you are. You’ve made it, you’ve survived – and you will keep on making it through. I encourage you too, to start viewing yourself as “the lucky one”, not to make it seem as if the bad things never happened – but to focus on the good that still happened despite that bad. Sometimes because of it. Not always though – I’m not telling you to be grateful for being abused, or raped, or losing loved ones – because that’s insane. Nor that you are lucky because these things happened. But rather recognize that despite these things there is still good within you and good things still happen too. I encourage you to approach each day as if you were divinely blessed. Not so you believe that nothing bad now, will ever happen – again, that’s insane….and foolish. But so that you start each day confident that good things are bound to happen as well. Start each day being grateful for what you have and end the day as well. Joy is not something to be grasped or a place to strive towards – it’s choosing to live in gratitude from day to day.


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