Be warned – This may be the most conceited entry I’ve written. I will not be offended if you choose to stop reading. Last night I had finished doing the usual household things, locked the doors, pulled the shades, and began my nighttime routine. I looked around at the home I had made for myself,the life I have built, considered all I have been blessed with – and was overcome with gratitude. I am proud of the woman I’ve become. I look forward to the woman I am becoming. I am divinely blessed and loved by God. That’s more than enough. I’ve made “it” Life isn’t perfect and never will be this side of eternity. But here- right now – at last – I’m good. Unfortunate things are bound to happen from time to time – perhaps I have yet to see the worst. Yet I know that I will and can survive and even if not, (nobody lives forever), I am content knowing that I have also known plenty. As sure as the unfortunate times will come, so will the good. The good remains.


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