This is a short one. Just a nugget of wisdom I’m writing down to help carry with me. If you really want to know the truth about someone don’t listen to their enemies. Their ex is not going to be honest because they are bitter. Don’t listen to someone they fired or haven’t had contact with in years. If you really want to know someone listen how they speak to and about their friends, their family, their significant others and spouses when they are apart. Listen to how those same people talk about the person when the person isn’t there. Social media means next to nothing. You can doubt words – you can sometimes doubt actions – trust the patterns (<—that’s a Pinterest quote, but it’s true!) A person is who they are when they think nobody is watching/listening. So listen.   If they speak and treat those whom they claim to care about like that – then it is your own pride to make you believe they don’t do the same to you in your absence. Just speaking from experience 😊



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