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I’m launching a business with a friend next month and it’s very surreal.  What started out as an amusing thought has manifested into a reality over a course of a year.   I feel as if I should be more terrified than I am, but I’m not afraid.  This just fits.  I have an incredibly talented and intelligent partner and we play off each other well.  This plan suits us both so well – our brand began the moment our friendship did. It’ll be nice to be able to capitalize on it.  There’s been very few decisions in my life that I felt this sure about.   I guess I’m not terrified because I’ve invested in things that I wasn’t nearly as sure about knowing I’d get little to nothing in return and lost everything.  For the first time, I’m investing in my own talent. It’s a risk, any investment is a risk. Starting a business is a risk, I’m not denying that.   It’s not that it’s not a risk, but for the first time the risk in itself has worth.    Doubt does not get a say this time.   It could all very well not go according to plan – in fact in some way it won’t.  That’s a guarantee.  I’m not sure how juggling a full time job, two side hustles, and starting a new business will go.  I no longer feel the need to prove my worth, I have proven it to myself.  It’s time to show the world.   I’ll let you know how it goes.


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