About Me


Most people call me Nelle, (to my face at least). I am an amateur writer living in the middle of nowhere in Western New York.   I work with local adults with Autism as a behavioral technician and self-determined associate.   I   enjoy painting, gardening, and theatre.  I’m a pretty good cook and am a life long literature lover who is proficient at alliteration and other essential elements.  I named the blog “Elephant Shoes” (because in case you grew up in a different culture) , when you mouth the words “elephant shoes”  it looks like you are saying “I love you.”  Most people are looking for love rather than the elephant in the room so the phrase is often misinterpreted – a childhood game. The phrase “olive juice” has the same effect – and although I like olives, I’m much more fond of elephants.  In my conscience time of life I’ve felt that the majority of my interactions have been  miscommunications – sometimes fortunate but often not.  This blog is just a collection of random insights of my perspective.  I also do genuinely enjoy long walks on the beach.