How My Crappy Math Skills Almost Made Me Crap Myself.

I recently implemented drastic changes to my diet as a part of my journey of self love and self respect.  Most of my relationships, as I approached 30, needed a revamp - including my relationship with food.   Food shouldn't be used as a reward or punishment but as fuel.  (I know this. You know this.....and… Continue reading How My Crappy Math Skills Almost Made Me Crap Myself.


Without a Paddle

Tonight I am wide awake.  I just spent the past 5 hours painting. It's now 2 a.m. I am so relentlessly overwhelmed by the memory - eyes like my favorite cup of coffee. Memories of gliding over the water, literally rowing into the sunset in a canoe.  I didn't have a single worry. It wasn't… Continue reading Without a Paddle

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Red Flag

  I am terrible at relationships. This is not a secret.  You know how the common reactions to fear are either fight or flight?  The anxiety that comes over me in a relationship results in a  somewhat  spastic combo.  I tend to rush things, getting swept up in new feelings that deafen me to the… Continue reading Red Flag

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I was listening to a podcast recently with the boss babe trinity - Oprah, Mindy Kaling, and Reese Witherspoon.  I find each of these women so inspiring.  They discussed many points on female empowerment .   A concept they introduced to me  in their conversation was the idea of becoming more relate-able and less likable. There… Continue reading Likable