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"Today was a sad day. Even worse, it was an unexpectedly sad day. Sometimes I know it's going to be a sad day and I can at least try to prepare myself. Funerals on Tuesdays, the day after Christmas, and June 10 are all sad days. Today though, without warning, I realized my childhood was… Continue reading 2014

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I have been called a variety of names in my life. My birth certificate says my name is Chanelle Davis. That's not my name. That name wasn't even chosen for me. When I was seven I learned to write out Chanelle in cursive. I loved it. I would start with the curve of the capital… Continue reading Identity

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Discolored Recollections

The color of my skin never before occurred to me until I wanted to be the pink Power Ranger at recess and was told I had to be the yellow ranger because the pink ranger was white. This confused me because although my ethnicity has always been somewhat ambiguous , I did not have the… Continue reading Discolored Recollections