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My therapist thinks I need to get out more. "Do you want to meet someone?" he leaned forward in the chair.  I really like this new therapist. He reminds me of Mr. Rogers. I think I would have liked him as a teacher in school.  He's very kind, soft spoken, and his office smells like… Continue reading Loveable

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Modern UnLove

   Enter exhibit A. A for Adam - Man.  The story is always the same for me with very few variations.  My relationships are like those adventure books with a choose your own ending - except the ending is always the same. Dating for me are chronicles of choose your own beginning books except they come… Continue reading Modern UnLove

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Mother, May I?

Growing up I always saw myself as a mother.  Motherhood I felt, was an inevitable obligation and was just something that happened. At one point in my teen years I distinctly remember wanting at least 8 children.   That number drastically dropped as years went on.  I'm really good with small children.  I started babysitting at… Continue reading Mother, May I?